Night of the Living Dead 2019

Cast List


Barbara—Marie Ritchie

Johnny—Noah Randall

Jen—Maddie Walker

Harry—Owen Chance

Helen—Delaney Glosser

Karen—Luca Dicamillo

Tom—Ethan Hodges

Judy—Aiden Truelove

News Anchor 1—Jack Matthews

News Anchor2—Caileigh Dowell

Dr. Grimes—Nattie Rumrich

Beth Bardough—Jillian Sexton

Sheriff—Ethan Puska

Deputy 1—Xander Greenway

Deputy 2—Ari Bousquet

Plant 1—Letti Dyer

Plant 2—Mariangelie Mercado

Plant 3—Brigit Cullers

Plant 4—Naomi Morrison

Graveyard Zombie 1 -Zane Wolf

Graveyard Zombie 2—Jillian Perrin

Graveyard Zombie 3—Ella Greene

Yard Zombies—

          Celia Vos

          Ava Melvin

          Maya Padilla

          Hasmik Khachatryan

          Maggie Baugh

          Paige Meads

Sarah Dylla

Kitchen Zombie - Alvaro Bueno

Stairs Zombie—Gigi Beckham

Bio Scientist—Izzy Shields

Bio Scientist—Piper Duffee

Bio Scientist—Bryon Cooper


Auditions were awesome!! I’m excited to get working. Big shout out to our stage managers Riley Church and Sophie Shields!!