Freshman Select Class

Igniting the Theater Artist and Community

What is Freshman Select?

Freshman Select is an upper level Theater Arts 1 acting class for incoming freshman only. If you took theater arts in middle school and would like to continue performing in theater throughout high school, then this class is for you! As a Freshman Select student you will learn acting technique, perform in duet and group scenes, produce and perform in-class plays, attend theater performances outside of school, and be involved in all AHS theater department activities. These activities will require some extracurricular involvement throughout the entire school year.  Freshman Select is designed to challenge students that have been actively involved in theater, but anyone can audition for a spot in the class.



As a freshman, what are my performance opportunities at Anderson? 

Freshman have a fair opportunity to get a role in our shows! – Most schools will only cast upper classmen in their after school productions, which means the Freshmen and Sophomores don’t get a lot of stage time.  Underclassmen in the Anderson Theater Department get a fair shot at roles in every show that we do!


Anderson Theater offers a lot of performance opportunities! –  Anderson Theater Department usually offers 2 after school plays any Anderson student can participate in each year as well as 2 class performances with our Freshman Select class.  That’s 2 opportunities to get a role in a play as a Freshman throughout the year! And that’s just what freshmen can be involved in, we produce 12+ performances a year!!

Performance Information available here


Strut your Stuff- Strut Your Stuff gets you onstage right off the bat! Freshman Select students will make their Anderson debut on the first Friday of the school year, along side the upperclassmen in a showcase of audition monologues. 



Freshman Play - Every student in Freshman Select is cast in our Freshman Play. The Freshman Play is usually a large cast production directed by an Anderson Theater director. This production is typically a one act drama or comedy that rehearses in Freshman Select class.  Rehearsals are during Freshman Select Class and there is one evening performance on the AHS mainstage.


Fall Show - Freshman Select students have the opportunity to participate as performers in the Fall Show along side AHS Theater upperclassmen. Rehearsals are afterschool and performances are nights and weekends. This is not a requirement for the Freshman Select class, just an opportunity for F.S. students who want to take advantage of it. 




Student Directed 10 Minute Play Festival - Any Anderson student may audition for a role or interview for crew. Freshmen are eligible for earning lead roles. ​The 10 minute plays will be chosen by the Anderson Theater directors and will usually revolve around a theme.  The student directors will work with student actors and technicians to produce their ten minute plays. Rehearsals and Performances are all after school.




Freshman One Act Play- The University Interscholastic League hosts the biggest One Act Play competition in the United States here in Texas every spring. Most of the high schools in Texas are involved in this competition. Each school prepares and presents a One Act Play that is no longer than 40 minutes. Schools compete at Zone, or District, and have the opportunity to advance to Bi-District, Area, Region, and State level competition. Anderson is unique in that we produce a “Freshman” One Act Play every year in our Freshman Select class. Our Freshman OAP is produced just like our competition show, in an effort to expose all our Freshman Select students to the One Act Play process and rules. The Freshman One Act Play performs at one clinic and has one public performance outside of class. The Freshman One Act Play rehearses during class.



AHS Musical - Any Anderson student may audition for a role or interview for crew. Freshmen are eligible for earning lead roles. The annual Musical is the largest production that we will produce every year and open to any Anderson student. It is a collaborative production that involves the Band, Choir, Dance, Orchestra, and Theater departments here at Anderson. It is directed and produced by the Anderson Theater directors. Rehearsals and performances are all after school.

Performance Information available here

Admission to Freshmen Select:


  1. Recommendation from your Middle School Theater teacher and submit an Application



 2. Interview with Anderson Theater Teachers, May 17, 2019 and submit an Application.




Interview Information


Interviews will be held TBD (April/May 2020)

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM


Anderson High School Theater

8403 Mesa Rd. Austin 78759



How do I prepare for this interview?

1) Fill out the Freshman Select Application with your parents.

2) Bring your Application to the interview on May 17.

3) Come prepared to participate in a one on one interview about your theater experiences and expectations.




The Anderson theater directors will send a letter of acceptance to your email address over the summer.

Did you miss Frehsmen Select Interviews?

Contact Justin LaVergne at to set up an interview.