Theater Arts III/IV Class

Exploring Theater through the Ages

Course Description


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Theater Arts 2 and theater director approval

This Theater Arts 3/4 class is designed to give the student a dynamic experience through the creation of diverse and expressive productions that are a culmination of theatrical skills in acting, design, and directing.


  • Realized Productions

  • Build an audition portfolio                         

  • Script reading/analysis       

  • Varied Theatrical periods and styles

  • Shows are produced with costumes, props, stage lighting and sound design.

  • Performances are on the Anderson Theater stage



Performance Rotation 

Because this is a combined class, the curriculum rotates ensuring a unique theater experience for both Theater Arts III and Theater Arts IV students.

Curriculum Year A

Classical Greek

Commedia Del'Arte

American Dramatic Literature

Contemporary Theater

Curriculum Year B



Absurdist Theater

Contemporary Theater

Theater Arts III/IV Performances

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